You can paint on the outside wall of a Grand Junction business without getting busted. As a matter of fact, you'll be commissioned. Interested?

An interested artist is needed to complete a "Welcome to Junction" mural at 500 Main Street. Here's a chance to get your artwork out in front of the public, literally.

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How This Works

According to the website, GJ Creates in partnership with Timberline Bank and the Western Colorado Community Foundation is seeking an artist to complete a “Welcome to Junction” mural. Please note, that's "Welcome to Junction," not "Welcome to the Jungle." For some reason my eyes picked that up wrong.

What The Artist Will Do

The selected artist will be commissioned to create a mural on the west facing wall at 500 Main Street. Dimensions for the mural measure roughly 6' X 20'. The mural should incorporate images reflecting the downtown area of Grand Junction as well as the Grand Valley.

Tools To Work With

The selected artist will receive a project award of $2,000. Because I'm weird, I thought it would be fun to crunch some numbers. If you have $2,000 to work with, how much will that allow per square foot?

If the mural is to be 6' X 20', that gives you a working surface area of 120 square feet.

Take the budget of $2,000 and divide that by the square footage, and...

You have a budget of $16.66 per square foot to work with. I'm no artist, but that sounds pretty good.

Additional Requirements

Much of the mural is open to your interpretation. There are, however, a few items you must include. The mural must include items from the sponsor's logo, specifically:

  • timberline tree
  • spiral
  • colors must compliment blue grey wall at 500 Main Street

How Artist Will Be Selected

The winning concept will be selected by:

  • GJ Creates committee
  • Representatives from Timberline Bank
  • Reps from WCCF
  • Property owners at 500 Main Street

Deadline To Apply

The application deadline is Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The selected artist will be notified by August 4, 2021.

Submit your application by Wednesday, July 21. You'll need to include a link to a portfolio and digital images of your proposed installation.

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