A paddleboarder has died following a mishap on the Colorado River in Grand Junction.

One of the favorite summertime activities in western Colorado is being on the water. Unfortunately, this popular recreational activity is accompanied by an element of danger, which we were tragically reminded of this week in Grand Junction.

Colorado River Mishap Wednesday Afternoon

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon when the Mesa County Sheriff's Office received a report around 1:45 p.m. that a group of people needed help on the Colorado River. The group of 6 people had reportedly been recreating in the river on a paddleboard, kayak, and river raft.

Group Finds Trouble Near the 5th Street Bridge

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, the group "got into trouble" near the 5th Street Bridge. Five of the people were able to get safely to an island, however, the person on the paddleboard remained missing. Local emergency crews, including Mesa County Search and Rescue, responded and launched a rescue boat in the river.

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The missing adult female was found unconscious and was not breathing. She was taken to shore where life-saving measures were performed and she was transported to St. Mary's Hospital. The sheriff's office reported just after 7:00 Wednesday night that the woman had died.

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Life Jackets Are Available For Use At Local Boat Ramps

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office took the opportunity to remind local residents of the dangers that come with being on the water and stressed the importance of wearing life jackets on the river. Life jackets are available at most boat ramps that can be used for free, thanks to the Save-A Life-Jacket Program.

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