Before I even begin talking about the Pack Creek Fire we all need to take a minute to think about the brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line to battle this blaze.

Now to the fire details that everyone is curious about. The Pack Creek fire is burning southeast of Moab, UT and at last update from the Utah fire officials said that the blaze is now 8,435 acres in size. Fire crews have done great work to get this fire 16% contained as they have been fighting this since Wednesday, June 9th.

How Did the Pack Creek Fire Get Started?

Fire officials believe that it started due to an abandoned campfire that got out of control. This is why this should be a big reminder for everyone to quadruple-check to make sure all fires are cool to the touch before exiting the area.

How Many Total Personnel Are Working to Control the Pack Creek Fire

Obviously, these numbers fluctuate on a daily basis but currently, there are approximately 426 total people assigned to this fire. That breaks down to 11 fire crews, 11 helicopters being used, and 21 fire engines all in use.

How Much Has the Pack Creek Fire Cost So Far?

Crews still have lots of work to go but the bill for this fire is already over $2.6 million dollars. And if you're wondering who is responsible for that bill, it's whoever started the fire.

We are thinking of the fire crews and wishing them nothing but the best as they continue to fight the Pack Creek Fire. Here is a video

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