Heavy weekend rains and flash flooding in the Moab, Utah area caused cars to float right down Main Street after over an inch of rain fell in a period of about 20 minutes.

At one point, the water was around three feet deep along Main Street in Moab which caused countless businesses to close. Below we will take a look at several videos that show the shocking results from rainfall that comes along maybe once in 100 years.

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Weekend Rains Bring Flash Flooding to Moab, Utah

The intense rains have washed out most of the hiking trails in the Moab area over the weekend after more than an inch of rain fell over the area between 7:10 and 7:30 on Saturday evening.

Flash Flooding in Downtown Moab

The heavy rains brought several feet of water to the downtown/Main Street area in Moab Saturday night. Many of the businesses and restaurants along the main drag had standing water inside that came up past the ankles.

The Event is Being Called a 100-Year Flood

City engineers in Moab, Utah say that there is a 1% chance in a year that Moab would see this much rain in just a few hours. The resulting flash flooding was quickly called a 100-year flood.

Moab Trail Systems, Parks, and Bridges Were Closed

By the time the waters started to recede Grand County issued an emergency declaration and released funds to the county to start the clean-up. It seemed like everything was covered in mud.

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