Are you planning to haul a "wide load" between Colorado Springs and the Wyoming border anytime between now and Tuesday, August 22? Well, who the heck isn't? Unfortunately, you might want to cancel those plans. The Colorado Department of Transportation is already warning of significant traffic impacts.

Just a few days ago, CDOT issued restrictions banning some vehicles from using the highway way between the Wyoming state line and Colorado Springs. Darn! I was hoping to hall a double wide down that very stretch of road. I do that in my spare time, you know?

Both overweight and oversized loads have to hit the brakes from now through Tuesday. Why? CDOT believes there will simply be too many people on the roads during these next few days.

What's the big deal? How many cars are they expecting on that stretch? According to KOAA News5, at least 600,000 vehicles are expected to make their way up to Wyoming and Nebraska for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

When it's all said and done, which roads are affected? According to KOAA News5, all state highways north of Highway 24 all the way to the Kansas state line, and all state highways east of Highway 9 to the Wyoming boarder. This does include I-70 and I-25.

What if you're just driving a good ol' fashioned semi? Well, in your case, you can go about your normal daily routine.

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