Check out Orchard Mesa in Grand Junction, Colorado. Several new businesses are moving in. Who's moving to the southeast corner of 27 Road and Highway 50?

You'll see construction underway at 2701 US-50. Not only is a new business moving in, but they're building a brand new structure. Who's the new kid?

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Things Are Shaking On Orchard Mesa In Grand Junction, Colorado

It appears as if things are booming on Orchard Mesa. The new Subway opened a few months ago. There's a new Taco Bell under construction near the intersection of 27 Road and Highway 50. There's even a new car wash going in near Anytime Fitness.

When you pass through the intersection of 27 Road and Highway 50, you'll see construction underway on the southeast corner. This has been a long time in the making.

What Used To Be There?

It wasn't that long ago this location was the site for the Landmark Building. That structure used to include several small businesses, one of which was a somewhat-famous bar.

For some time a bar operated out of the lower level of the Landmark Building. Recently it operated as the Thundermountain Tavern. For years before that, though, it was called The Branding Iron. This rowdy bar ran live music four nights a week for a period of decades.

Who's Moving In Now?

For a period of years, the old Landmark Building has set empty. Back in 2018 we shared a post reporting an application had been turned in to the City of Grand Junction requesting the demolition of the multi-unit building.

At that time, I was informed O'Reilly Auto Parts had acquired the property and planned to open a store at that location.

O'Reilly Auto Parks Orchard Mesa Grand Junction 3
Waylon Jordan

Well, that was back in 2018. The building sat empty for years and was finally demolished back in February of this year. Fast forward to May 2022, and construction for a new O'Reilly Auto Parts is underway.

O'Reilly Auto Parks Orchard Mesa Grand Junction Map
Google Maps / Canva

More Changes In The Vicinity

In addition to the new auto parts store, a number of other changes are taking place. You have the new Taco Bell and the new subdivision moving in just west of this site. As mentioned last Friday, the awesome stone house located right next to the new O'Reilly Auto Parts location has been put up for sale. Things are really shaking on Orchard Mesa.

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