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I've been debating for a few days whether I was going to write my feelings down on this one because I know everyone has their own opinion and I am not trying to change that. But as a person who works in the media, I cannot understand the logic behind calling a politician the Time Magazine Person of the Year. If you hadn't heard Time Magazine called Joe Biden and Kamala Harris their Person(s) of the Year. I don't care what political party they are associated with, the whole organization at Time Magazine made a big mistake.

How in the world can these high-level corporate executives and editors and producers of content not realize that the real heroes are the health care workers that are saving lives each day. Or, if you wanted to spin it from a different angle, they could have highlighted teachers and the countless hours they are putting in to educate students in a very unusual classroom setting.

We could talk about all of the cleaning crews, janitors, and custodians who are putting in more hours than ever before to make sure that we are using things on a daily basis that have been sanitized to keep us safe from the pandemic.

The truck drivers that have kept all of us fed while the rest of us are at home social distancing. They are making sure that there is food at the store for us. Beyond just food remember the toilet paper hoarding, we wouldn't have toilet paper without truck drivers delivering it to our local stores.

The last thing I want to do is turn this into a political debate. But in a year that so much has gone wrong, and so many people have stepped up to help others in their time of need, why would this news source do something that makes no sense at all. A decision like this is just going to divide our country even more.

To every health care worker, teacher, janitor, and truck driver know that the majority of Americans see what you're doing and appreciate the work you do each day.

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