Wow, so many cool things made in Colorado. I was on Esty and found all these neat items made right here in our state.

I thought this was really a good idea I wish I had thought of it! I am a skier and I am a thrift shop nut, and I am always coming across used skis! I have seen benches made from old skis but never shot glasses.

1. This looks like a lot of fun and what a great gift idea using recycled skies and making something so useful. Every home should have one. Skies with holes cut out to hold the shot glasses.

LolasDesignLoft via Etsy

2. I have yet to try this sunscreen but if it works and it's Organic I'm game.

BEEOCHOrganics via Esty

3. I Love the fact that this mosquito repellent has no chemicals in it and it is organic which I love. The mosquitos seem to really love me. I need protection.


4. This is so beautiful I can't wait to start decorating and have something like this hanging on my wall.

BearMountainMetalArt via Esty

5. Yummy, bacon jam everything goes better with bacon.

MountMayhemMunchies via Etsy