Old Dominion are proving new isn't always better to debut the music video for their current single, "Song for Another Time."

The clip takes viewers back in time through musical history, opening the video by turning on some of the earliest listening devices and progressing through everything from jukeboxes, 8 track players, old school iPods and finally landing on modern day streaming devices. "Song for Another Time" mixes current country sounds, while remembering some of the great songs that came before them, and this video continues the same theme.

The screen continues to flash scenes of the boys playing shows at small clubs, on huge stages and everywhere in between. Shots alternate between vintage takes and modern videos depicting what the boys love to do most: playing music.

"When we were writing this song it was all about seeing the end of the road ahead. It was about two people realizing their love isn't going to be enough and the need to hold on to those last few moments," the band posted on Facebook when the music video was released.

"Music plays such a huge role in everyone's life, especially in relationships. We felt like it would add much more weight to the story if we told it using the titles of songs that are timeless somehow. But when it came time to make the video we realized we had an opportunity to show people a little of our history as a band. We had family and friends that supported way back when digging up old footage and sending it in. The journey our music has taken us on sometimes doesn't seem real. But watching this video proves that it is real beyond what we ever imagined. We are very proud."

Old Dominion will spend the rest of their summer as a part of Kenny Chesney's Spread the Love Tour, which continues through the end of August.

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