The Grand Junction Police Department arrested a woman after she barricaded herself in a convenience store office Monday (Jan. 4) night.

After returning from a smoke break, the clerk at the Western Convenience Store at 2525 Broadway in the Redlands heard banging in the store's office. The clerk noticed the office door was closed and locked, which had previously been open. He asked the person in the office to unlock the door and to come out. Getting no response, he dialed 911.

When officers arrived on the scene, they identified themselves as officers and instructed the women to unlock the door. She replied she was unable to unlock the door because she "had a broken leg." She identified herself as Amber Miller with a West Virginia ID but refused to unlock the door.

After 30 minutes trying to get Amber to unlock the door, the officers received permission to force the door open. The suspect had placed items blocking the door making it difficult for officers to enter.

After the officers breached the door and took the suspect into custody, they discovered her leg was not broken and her real identity was Lindsay Adams. She told police she couldn't remember how she wound up in the office.

Adams was charged with Criminal Impersonation (F6), 2nd Degree Criminal Trespass (M3), and Criminal Mischief (M3).

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