October's Teacher of the Month has been crowned and his classroom was ecstatic. A big congratulation to Mr. Rode at Shelledy Elementary.

We will let the submissions and video do the talking.

Mr.Rode is very nice and made me get better at reading, writing and math. I think he deserves to become teacher of the month. Please and thank you. -Breonna M

Mr. Rode is an awesome teacher that will help you learn easier.I can tell you he is a teacher that helped me do more ways to figure out a math problem. Mr. Rode has helped me already a lot this year. - Adison S.

He teaches me everything that I need to know like math. -Bryce H.

Mr. Rode makes learning fun and easy. He also helps the class feel like a team. Mr. Rode helps me to understand the subjects and things i struggle with and finds ways to make them easier. He is fun and energetic. -Samara S.

Mr. Rode has an amazing rapport with the students. We recently relocated here from CA and my son (who struggled academically and emotionally) is doing wonderful and flourishing. I can't thank Mr. Rode enough for what he's doing to help my son. -Kathy G.

Mr. Rode helped me learn how to control my actions and how to calm down when I feel upset. Mr. Rode helps me be a good learner by making class fun so that I can learn better. -Emilio R.

Mr. Rode took my daughter who used to hate school and made her into one who now loves it. She even told me the other day that she'd sleep at school if she could because she likes learning now. His continued dedication to his students shows every day in all he does and makes the students form a love of learning. -Nicole R.

Mr.Rode should be teacher of the month because he disciplines us but also let's us play games at the end of the day if we are good. In the morning after recess we do word plexors. Word plexors are saying that mean different things. Every week of the football season we fill out forms on which team we think will win. Then if you get the most correct you win and get put on the NFL wall. Some of my class mates and I made the NFL wall. If we talk too much we won't be able to play a game at the end of he day. He also does class dojo. If the whole class is bad he will take away dojos. If it's just one person he takes a point away from them. That is why I think Mr.Rode should be student of the month. -Natalee D.

Mr. Rode is awesome! He's the best teacher I ever had! -Jacob C.

Mr. Rode is doing an exceptional job with his students. His work is very much appreciated. -Jason C.

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