The very first teacher of the month has been crowned and his classroom couldn't have been more thrilled. A big congratulation to Mr. Wynkoop at Fruitvale Elementary!

We will let the submissions and video do the talking.

Mr. Wynkoop is an amazing teacher with a heart of gold. He loves teaching and does it in a fun way that the kids enjoy. He cares about his students and does everything he can to help them learn. He is very respected by his students, parents and fellow staff! -Lini M.


The kids all love, and respect him. He gives everything he has to them (time, money, love, compassion) He get's their respect the natural way he earns it, and it is mutual respect. He has been thru a tough year so far with a family illness and still has been there for the kids and putting on a strong face. with all that said the parents feel the same way as do the kiddos! we need many more teachers like Mathew. Thanks for your consideration -Scott C.


Mr. Wynkoop goes above and beyond to not only teach his kids but make it fun. He dresses up as different characters depending on what they are learning about to get them to engage. That is just one of the many amazing things he does to teach his kids.The kids love him and respect him!! -Kim J.


Mr. Wynkoop goes above and beyond for his students. He is energetic and keeps the kids engaged by dressed up as character to teach different things. He is so encouraging and has helped y daughter grow not only as a student, but her self esteem as well. He is an outstanding all around teacher and person! -Jame N.


All around amazing teacher!!! -Theron Mills