Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) notes that Colorado has a "robust beaver population." However, since the animals are often underwater, you don't usually see them out and about in  Colorado — and that's what makes this recent wildlife rescue so exciting.
The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center (NCWC), a local nonprofit that primarily focuses on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, is currently nursing a beaver that was attacked in Loveland back to health.

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"This American beaver was discovered in Loveland, but unfortunately, it had suffered wounds to its sides and face, indicating some form of attack," said NCWC in a Facebook post. "Thanks to the Good Samaritans who found and transported the beaver, and the dedication and expertise of our nonprofit's skilled team, we were able to step in and provide the urgent care this animal needed."

The organization said the beaver is about 40 pounds and already eating food  — a sign that the animal is responding well to medications and treatment.

NCWC also shared a video of the animal, which shows it adorably chowing down on an apple snack.

The beaver isn't the only animal NCWC has helped recently.

In a separate Facebook post, the nonprofit shared photos of its team members saving a group of goslings stranded on a roof at Colorado State University — and revealed that it now has over 60 Northern Colorado animals as patients.

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