One of the most talked about topics in Grand Junction right now is the proposal to change the name of North Avenue to University Boulevard. A new website is sharing the truth about the name change. was created to share all of the facts about Grand Junction's decision to change North Avenue to University Boulevard.

The city's decision to change the name has upset the entire community of Grand Junction, and a group has set out to keep the name the same. This group has set out with legal petitions to help with this cause. has put together everything the community needs to know about this change. From the facts about which businesses on North Avenue support the change, letters to city officials opposing the change and the actual costs that businesses on North Avenue will have to fork out.

According to the website, the North Avenue Owners Association (NAOA) states the overall costs to businesses will be between $300 to $1,000. Some of these businesses had quotes prepared to find their actual costs, which range from a few hundred dollars to almost $20,000, depending on the business.

Not only will businesses need to change their mailing address everywhere. There are other changes that may not be taken into account. Like search engine information, radio and TV commercials, accounting software and more.

The website also goes into the some of the myths pertaining to the change. Like the original number of businesses that proposed the change, apparent false facts about how many businesses will be affected and more.

If you're opposed to the change, take some time to go through this site to get the facts and make your opinion be heard.

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