Playing games in the mile-high altitude gives Denver sports teams and advantage that is "unfair and unreasonable."

Eskin went on a Twitter rant before the Denver Nuggets defeated the Philadelphia 76'ers Friday night in Denver. It gets even more ridiculous, however. Check this quote out:

"Remember when watching tonight's game that the home-court advantage in Denver is unfair and unreasonable considering the physical disadvantage that the visiting team has. Denver should not have any home games if we insist on giving them pro teams".

Altitude has long been discussed as an advantage for the home teams who play at altitude. Teams in other sports like football often use the higher altitude of Colorado to train for other high altitude games like Mexico City for example.

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A study done by the University of Colorado Sports Performance lab shows that individuals and teams who come to play at altitude are at a distinct disadvantage.  The air IS thinner at altitude and teams and individuals who aren't used to it WILL tire easier.

But that's life in professional sports. Teams in Denver do have an advantage playing at altitude but remember Denver has yet to win an NBA championship so it hasn't made that much of a difference now has it?

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