New Grand Junction shop gives us all a 'break.'

Located at 639 Main Street in Grand Junction, Homespun or Re-Done offers up a chance to release some of our built up stress.

There are three different sections to this place.

  • First is a normal type consignment shop featuring unique crafts and home made type items for sale.
  • Second is what they are calling 'The Unbiased Ear.' No, it is not a place to buy Olathe corn. As the owners explain, it is a non-judgemental place to vent about most anything on your mind.
  • Finally, what seems to be the most popular department of the business. They call is the 'Break Room.' It is where, literally, you can break the stress by breaking things. There are glass wares and other items available on site to smash or you can even bring your own. Plus, you can host your own party there.

Guess we could all use that type of therapy every once in a while.

Homespun or Re-Done is open from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturday. Or call them at 361-7954.










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