If you are a regular at Highline Lake State Park you're gonna love this.

As many folks know, there has been a shortage of visitor facilities in the swim beach area. And when I say "facilities" I am actually talking about restrooms, and this has become a real problem.

According to Park Manager Alan Martinez, when the restroom got crowded and a line formed, some folks would just choose to do their business at "inappropriate places." He says the new project isn't just about new restrooms but also about preserving the natural resources at the park, protecting public health, and keeping the staff from "hazardous and disgusting cleanup work."

Colorado Parks & Wildlife
Colorado Parks & Wildlife

A scaled-down, COVID-sized, groundbreaking was held on Monday. The new "beach house" will have twice as many restroom stalls and a larger family restroom.

The new $738,000 facility is expected to be completed by September 1. After that, the old restroom building will be taken down and replaced by a handicapped accessible picnic area.

Highline Lake is a popular western Colorado destination and the new beach house is going to be a great improvement and make the Highline experience even better. In the meantime, I sure hope the people who need to use restroom facilities at Highline will actually use the facilities that are available.

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