This footage was taken Saturday night (Dec. 9). There were many reports of a UFO in the sky over Grand Junction.

This video was taken by THEKINGSCOMING.  Truthfully, it is not the best video. I am hoping some others were able to capture more footage of this UFO that was spotted over most of Colorado and Utah on Saturday night.

It was reported Monday morning, that this phenomenon was actually a large formation of C-17 military cargo planes from South Carolina that were involved in a training exercise with Nellis Air Force Base.

The curious thing for me is what the folks who took this video said about the incident. That there was absolutely no noise while this object moved during the 3-5 minutes that they observed it.

I love a good conspiracy theory story. In fact, I also did see something in the sky pass over Grand Junction. This may have been Friday night around 7 pm. My first thought was that it was simply a plane, but there was were no flashing or blinking lights. It was a solid continuous light. And the object seemed to be moving much faster than a normal type aircraft. It was moving in the East-Southeast direction. Possibly a satellite. I guess. But, who really knows?

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