There was something in the sky over Grand Junction Sunday not really sure what it was but it didn't look like a plane. Have you ever seen anything in the sky that you couldn't explain? Over the years so many people have sited UFO's unidentified flying objects.

Of course many speculate that the government is hiding something and we have been contacted by Aliens. Who can forget Area 51? Area 51 was an Air Force installation in the Nevada desert. Supposedly testing was done on some of the aircraft for the military but who knows what really went on there. Finally, though the U.S Government confirmed that they did have a special team to

And of course, now President Trump is putting together the new Space Force. You have to wonder if the things we see in the sky are from our planted maybe a foreign government or if they are from a distant planet. We may never know the truth.  Unless of course you were abducted then you would know

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