Motorcycle season again has returned to Colorado and that means those of us driving in cars and trucks need to pay a little extra attention to how we drive.

Being aware of riders and their passengers falls not only on the rider but on those of us who drive as well. I cannot count the number of times I have seen drivers pull out in front of motorcyclists, for a variety of reasons, none of which makes one bit of difference.

One of the reasons the pipes are so loud on motorcycles is so that we can hear them because we don't always see them. I have a few suggestions for you so that, once the roads are once again filled with the beautiful music of Harley Davidson bikes you can feel safe and so can the bikers.

First, as much as we all like music, turning the radio down a bit offers you a little more reaction time because you can hear what's going on outside of your own vehicle. As an extra added bonus, you can also hear sirens better, making it easier and safer for you to pull over in a timely fashion.

Next, watch the traffic around you. Bikes have a tendency to get lost when we scan the road and they are the one thing you can't afford to overlook.

Finally, don't think that the speed they are traveling at is any different than the speed you're going. Cutting off a biker to make a turn leaves them few options. Usually, run into you or dump the bike, neither of which is a good option.

And if you're looking to learn how to ride, learn from a professional. Safety first. Always.

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