For the first time, Arlene Holmes is speaking out about her son. She hopes it will bring more attention to this issue because May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.

You can read the entire article and the interview here at

There is no real reason to bring up all the horrific details about the case. In fact, I’m a firm believer in NOT printing the name or showing the pictures of these types of criminals. Nine out of 10 times, these appalling acts are done by someone who is seeking the attention, the fame and the glory that they know they will receive. You have seen it, every news outlet is posting their picture and scrolling their name constantly across the screen. In the name of ratings? How about in the name of common sense?

Other misguided loners out in the world see this kind of coverage and the response that the media showers these perpetrators with. It’s been documented in many of these cases where the gunmen said it themselves. they knew that they would get that attention. It’s their way of getting the last word, sort to speak.

Well, maybe her speaking out will help others. We can only hope.

Do you think the mother speaking out will make a difference? How should we feel about her?

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