As someone who has their concealed carry permit, I think it's a fantastic thing to hear that more women are protecting themselves as they get out to explore the beautiful state of Colorado. The Know Outdoors recently released an article talking about how more women are carrying a firearm with them when hiking and recreating in the Colorado wilderness.

Not only are there real dangers of harm from potential animals but there are also numerous stories of women being harmed on trails by other humans which is just despicable. There is a large number of women that stick with bear spray but some that feel more comfortable with a gun that they can access quickly.

While I understand that we don't have a lot of control over an animal predator that we might come in contact with when recreating outdoors but the fact that women have to protect themselves from men is so sad.

But one thing that every gun owner should know is that a gun isn't going to stop anything from happening if you don't know how to use it safely. You need to be trained and should continue to go shooting to make sure you're comfortable when handling a firearm.

In the state of Colorado, you're allowed to open carry for protection, but remember it is not legal to kill any wildlife outside of hunting season. And while you're allowed to defend yourself, you are not allowed to shoot an animal simply because you got scared.

Over the past few months, I've hiked on multiple trails and I've seen many women hiking together, I think it's great to know that many of these ladies are carrying a firearm just in case they need to protect themselves.

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