With all of the rain and snow we've had this winter, you could start to see rocks sliding down on the Colorado National Monument.

While the Monument staff does their best to keep the roads clear and driveable, there is always the possibility of rocks sliding down and onto the road. Even if you just passed the area and are on the way back, those rocks could be there, waiting, in the middle of the road.

So how do we know if this has happened? Well, so far it hasn't, but with the temperatures starting to rise, it could begin at any time and you are going to want to take a few precautions when navigating the Monument.

First of all, slow down. The worse thing you can do is assume the roads are clear since they were when you came up the last time or passed the same spot earlier. Driving under the speed limit will limit the possibilities of hitting something since you will allow yourself time to stop.

And as much as we love to drive the Monument at night, it becomes especially important that you drive a bit slower as there is no one to clear the roads overnight.

If, while on the Monument you see rocks falling or have encountered rocks on the road, call the Visitor's Center at 970 858-3617 and give them the heads up.

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