In a horribly tragic story, there is light. As Jessica Arrendale was being shot to death by her boyfriend, this mom shielded her baby with her own body. But how she did it is the amazing part.

Jessica Arrendale's boyfriend and the father of her baby, Antoine Davis had been abusive in the past. On this particular night, they went out, he got violently drunk and started violently assaulting her when they got home.

Arrendale grabbed a baseball bat for protection, but Davis took it and started hitting her with it. She was able to get away for a moment, grabbing her baby and locking the bathroom door.

Davis broke down the door and shot Arrendale in the head with his assault rifle. She was able to place her baby in the toilet, and used her body to shield the baby from the view of Davis before she herself was shot dead in the head.

Davis then walked in the baby's room and killed himself.

Arrendale's body was found slumped over the toilet bowl some 13 hours later when officials entered the house. Arrendale's baby was found in the bowl beneath her dead body.

The baby is being treated at an Atlanta area hospital for hypothermia and a traumatic head injury she is thought to have suffered by Davis during the fight.

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