What is a meteorite and how do you find them? A meteorite is a piece of iron or rock from a meteor or asteroid, which survives passage through the atmosphere.

These are worth quite a bit as one man found out. The man had been using it as a doorstop and heard that they might be worth quite a bit, so he took his 22lb rock in for an examination.

Meteorites are made up of iron and nickel and other rare minerals. The man David Mazurek bought his property a farm back in the 80s, and the man that sold it to him also gave him the rock which he said landed in his backyard in the 1930s.

The story goes on to say that as soon as it struck they dug it up out of the crater. The meteorite which David Mazurek owns is believed to be worth at least 100,000.

Have you ever found a meteorite? Or precious stones?

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