If you are an active registered voter in Mesa County, you're about to pocket some cold hard cash.

The Colorado State Refund Is Still On the Way

Everybody knows about the big refund Colorado taxpayers are getting in the next few weeks thanks to the Tax Payers Bill of Rights. (TABOR)  Single filers are getting $750 while joint filers will be receiving $1500. But, wait, there's more.

Mesa County Refund Means More Cash Back

Thanks again to TABOR, Mesa County is giving back. The rule is when Mesa County government gets more revenue than the TABOR limit allows, the excess has to go back to the taxpayers. In 2021, the country took in $12.7 million in excess revenue and it's time to give it back.

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How Much Will the Mesa County Refund Be?

The excess tax revenue will be divided equally between active registered voters as of August 1. Currently, there are 103,878 active registered voters in Mesa County. According to my math calculations, that comes out to $122.25 per person. But, again, the exact amount won't be figured until August 1, so the final total could be different.

The refund checks will be mailed so you may want to make sure your mailing address is current and up to date. To check on your information, just go to govotecolorado.gov.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Okay, so $122 or whatever the final amount is, isn't that great, but at least it's something. Obviously, it will be more significant to some than it will to others. What will you do with your refund from the county?

What To Do With Your Mesa County Refund

After giving the matter some thought, I've come up with some possibilities for spending my $122. Here's a look at what you could do with your $122 refund.

Grand Junction Peeps Would Do This If We Had an Extra $500

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