Don't look now, but it's time for another scuzzy Grand Junction area phone scam. The latest one to show its ugly face in Mesa County involves scammers claiming you've missed a court date.

Between my urgent expiring warranty phone calls and the various other ripoffs, scammers make up probably 90% of my personal phone traffic. Keep your eyes and ears open for this new one.

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These Are Some Busy Scammers

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, the Sheriff's Office Records department received five reports of this scam in less than an hour.

Dynamics of This Mesa County Phone Scam

With this scam, the perpetrator claims to be with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. They claim that you've missed a court date and are now in big doo doo. Apparently, the way out of this jam involves paying them money.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office Says 'THIS IS A SCAM'

According to the MCSO, they "... will not request you to purchase a card, money order, or anything similar over the phone." The Sheriff's Office has said multiple times before regarding similar scams. The MCSO will never call you and ask that you purchase a card or money order. Put simply, they don't do that.

Don't Provide Any Information

You are asked to avoid giving out any such information to a caller. Should you have questions, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 970-244-3500, or dispatch at 970-242-6707.

The Scammer's Phone Number You Should Watch For

According to the MCSO, the scammers will show up on your caller ID with the department's phone number 970-244-3500. Sadly, the phone number appears valid on your caller ID.

It's regrettable we have to share information such as this. Don't be the next victim. Store that phone number in your memory. In any case, agencies will not ask you over the phone to pay money, provide gift cards, or run and get a money order. It just doesn't work that way.

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