It may seem like a crazy idea, but Mesa County needs to do an adult spelling bee.

We always thought spelling bees were for kids, but Garfield County is proving this just isn't true as it prepares for the annual adult spelling bee.

The adult spelling bee in Garfield County started back in 1994, and every year teams come together to compete and raise funds for adult education and literacy outreach in the county.

Three-person teams will compete for bragging rights as the best spelling town in the county. The event features a costume contest, silent auction, food, and a cash bar and raises about $20,000 a year.

Recently, I was looking at my recently surfaced elementary school report cards and I was reminded that back in the day I was a pretty good speller. But, all of these years later I'm not quite as confident in my spelling ability. However, I do think the idea of an adult spelling bee fundraiser is an excellent idea.

Why not do a spelling bee in Mesa County? We could crown the best spelling town in the county and raise funds for some worthy non-profit organization. Maybe someone in Mesa County will grab a hold of this idea and run with it. I don't think Garfield County would mind us using their idea.

All it would take is someone to plan it, organize it and promote it. It would definitely take some volunteer help. Start out small, gage the interest in Mesa County, and built on it from year to year to make it better and make it an annual event.

After crowning the winning team, a challenge could be issued to the winning team in Garfield County to compete for the title of Best Spelling County in Colorado.

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