Friday, September 6, 2019, is "Read a Book Day." Are you taking advantage of the services and resources at the Mesa County Library?

According to HolidayInsights, September 6 is the day we all should:

Take time out of your busy life, and relax with a good book. Cozy up on a chair, indoors or out. It doesn't matter where you read that book, as long as you can do so in a comfortable manner. If you doze off along the way, we won't tell anyone.

I'm feeling a bit guilty. I stopped by the main branch of the Mesa County Library back in February. Upon checkout, I discovered my library card had long since expired. Embarrassing!

It seems there was a lengthy hiatus between my last checkout at the library. In my defense, I have visited various branches on several occasions. I simply haven't checked out any books.

Earlier today I stopped by the Central Library off of 5th Street to return my most recent read, the autobiography of Mary Wilson of the Supremes. The book was sent in from another library in Colorado. How long did it take to arrive? About two days. After that a quick read, and then a trip back to the library to return the book. Overall cost = $0.

There's another book I've been wanting to read for some time. It's an in-depth study on Existentialism and how it applies to 21st Century culture. Okay, I'm lying... it's a Star Trek book. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it's a bit overpriced. I went to the Mesa County Public Library downtown branch on Monday to check for it. They didn't have it, but another branch did. I placed a hold on it. Earlier today, I received this awesome email.

Mesa County Librrary reserved book
Waylon Jordan via Yahoo Mail

Have you visited a Mesa County Library location recently? Tomorrow, "Read a Book Day," would be the perfect opportunity. Here are five reasons you should use the various Mesa County Library locations every chance you get.

  • Wikipedia doesn't cut it. In my opinion, the Internet is far too unreliable.
  • Libraries are great places to introduce children to books.
  • The staff at the library will most likely be book lovers who will be more than happy to recommend great things to read. (
  • You don’t just have access to the books in your local library, but also those in the wider town or area, which you can request to be delivered to your nearest branch (see example above). (
  • You can read as much as you like, for free.

There you go, five solid reasons to use a Mesa County Library. On a side note, I love the new library cards. The photo on the face of the card supports the statements listed above. Look at the checkout dates. Dozens of people, spread out over decades, found this resource useful. I see dates ranging from 1928 to 1972.

The Mesa County Libraries are there for you to use. Don't be like me and forget to take advantage of them. A weekly visit is in order. Be sure to swing by on September 6 for "Read a Book Day."

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