Mesa County Health Department, obviously concerned about the norovirus that has closed all District 51 schools until after Thanksgiving has posted some suggestions for you on how you can help protect yourself from the virus that is gripping the Western Slope

The agency explains that, while viruses are common, this particular virus is highly contagious, as closing all of the schools in the district shows. The unique aspect of the virus is in how quickly it seems to develop. You could feel fine then an hour later you are vomiting and unable to control it.

They recommend you wash and disinfect your hands often and that if you have any of the symptoms just stay home. Keep in mind you may catch the virus yourself if you have had to clean up after anyone who has it.

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You should also clean up with something that is effective against norovirus, as it will say it on the label, but you can also find a list of them here.

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