All but seven Colorado counties saw population growth in 2018.

First, allow me to apologize. I'm moved here from Kansas in 2016. It wasn't by design. I received a call about a job and the next thing I know I was on a plane here for a job interview. I'm saying that I didn't plan on making Colorado my home but I'm certainly glad I did. So no, I'm not native but I didn't design a plan to get here either.

New data from the United States Census Bureau shows that Colorado continues to be one of the fastest growing states in the US. Colorado’s population increased by nearly 80K adding 79,662 persons in 2018. El Paso County was the fastest growing county within Colorado. El Paso, which includes the city of Colorado Springs, added 13,056 persons in 2018 bumping that county's total to 713,856 persons.

Denver County was the second fastest growing with an increase of 11,053 persons last year for a total of 716,492. The title of the fastest-growing "percentage-wise" goes to San Juan County. This mountain county in the San Juan Forest is sparsely populated but added 51 people in 2018. That's a 7% increase also giving them the distinction as the second-fastest growing county in the nation!

Mesa County cracked the top 10 adding over 1,800 persons in 2018. Grand Junction and the surrounding communities growing economies and the lower than the front range cost of living is credited for the growth.

Here is a list of Colorado's fastest-growing counties:

1. El Paso (+13,056)
2. Denver (+11,053)
3. Weld (+9,031)
4. Adams (+7,440)
5. Douglas (+7,108)
6. Arapahoe (7,083)
7. Larimer (+6,525)
8. Jefferson (+4,416)
9. Boulder (+2,005)
10. Mesa (+1,801)

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