Guys, we all know the ladies love a well-groomed man, and it's easier than you think. Follow my simple grooming guide, and you too can look like Brad Pitt, er, well, you'll look as good as you can.

Time to come clean, I’m secure enough in my manhood to admit I have a routine I follow to make sure I look my very best. And no, there was no waxing involved!

These are my relatively simple grooming tips you should make sure you're doing to keep the ladies coming back.

Trim Those Nails: We're not cavemen anymore, there is no need for a set of bear-claw-meat hooks. Plus, when you're cuddling that special-lady friend, she won't feel like a salmon being pulled from a river by the talons of an eagle. Trim up those nails both hands and feet.

Trim Those Stray Hairs: This is MY personal favorite! You have to keep your eyebrows, ear and nose hairs in check. Once I turned 30, I started growing caterpillars over my eyes, trees out of my ears and heck, my nose hair grew into a killer 'stache. Not the best look! Trim up, fellas.

Moisturize: Since moving to the arid climate of western Colorado, I realized I'll be buying stock in lotion -- don't go there. Ladies love being close to their man, but you shouldn't feel like a lizard who hasn't seen water in weeks. Get yourself a little lotion with some sun block, we know the Colorado sun can turn you into a spotted gecko in an instant.

Obviously showering regularly, haircuts and the such are always important too.

Think about it, we have been bending over backward trying to impress women for eons, so what's a little "extra" care to show her how much you love her.

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