Washing your dog can be a hassle, especially if you own a larger dog like I do. My husky needs cleaned frequently, and it’s no easy task to do, either. In fact, it almost takes two full grown men to keep her still long enough to clean her. Well, thankfully, a few local businesses have some affordable solutions to keeping your dog clean this summer.

Doggy Car Wash

There are actually several of these throughout Grand Junction. The Redlands Canyon View Car Wash is a great one if you live in the Redlands or near the Mall. It’s located at the 4 way stop of Broadway and the Redlands Parkway. It’s generally going to cost around $8, to wash your dog yourself. They provide a large, elevated bathtub, with a leash to lock your dog in, as well as a plastic apron to keep your clothing dry. The other dog/car wash locations are 216 North Ave (behind Old Chicago) and 1110 N 6th St.

Do It Yourself Dog Wash

Chow Down, located at 2518 Broadway (Redlands Albertans shopping complex) offers a do it yourself dog bath, and you can also purchase all of the shampoo and soap, conditioner, etc that you need from them. You can also buy your pup a treat when you’re done.

Dog Grooming Services

There are several great pet grooming services in Grand Junction, far too many to name them all. A few of my suggestions include Wag Resort, TLC Grooming be Danielle,  Pawsh Pet Spa on Broadway and the Grooming Services at Petsmart.

Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional, your dog is going to need to be bathed several times throughout the summer. When it's not convenient to give them a bath from home, these are all great options.

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