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If you're not a big fan of wearing a mask, it sounds like they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Even after the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed. The details came from KDVR, saying not only masks but social distancing will be in place for a while even after a large number of people are vaccinated.

The first issue with removing the masks as soon as you receive the shot is that it isn't just one shot, this will be a series of two shots. The first one takes place then you have to go back in three or four weeks later, so during those three or four weeks obviously you're going to be expected to continue to wear your mask.

And what the reports are saying so far is that you will have some love of protection after a few weeks of receiving the first shot but full protection wouldn't be in place until a few weeks after you receive the second shot.

There are still questions about the vaccine that is coming soon. Including, will it help with the entire virus, or is it just for virus symptoms? This means it's possible for people to become vaccinated and still become infected and pass along the virus. This is all according to health officials, so it will be interesting as we find out more in the coming days and weeks.

Plus for distribution and injections for millions of people is going to take a lot of time. So, going back to my main point. It sounds like masks will not be going away anytime soon.

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