There's been another Marvin sighting. This time, the beloved dancing couple from Grand Junction were spotted at a local fraternal organization.

Everybody knows Bruce and Tanya Marvin. They can be found anywhere dance music is played. They've been married for 45 years, and I don't believe I've ever seen one without the other.

If you've visited any Western Colorado concerts, farmers markets, or clubs, basically anywhere music can be found, you've probably seen them. Marvin sightings have been known to stop traffic. Everybody loves to watch them dance.

Most recently, I spotted them at the Moose Lodge in Grand Junction. Anytime the Rock N' Swing band plays the Moose the Marvins are likely to show up. In this case, the lights were low and my phone kind of sucks. In any event, I always like to catch footage of the Marvins cutting a rug.

Bruce and Tanya had been married for some time before they took up dancing. The kids were already grown and out of the house before the couple took their first dance steps.

NOTE: The video above features a jam from Bad Bob Walker and the late Dr. Paul Schneider at the Grand Junction Downtown Farmers Market.

According to Tanya, the idea to take up dancing was her idea. Originally, Bruce was not interested. Ultimately, though, he realized letting Tanya go it alone was probably not a good idea.

I couldn't turn her loose on this town alone. I couldn't afford the bail money." - Bruce Marvin

Festival season is upon us. Concerts, festivals, and downtown events will be here soon. Unlike the Loch Ness Monster, the Marvins want to be seen. They put on a fine show. The next time your out and about and hear music, take a good 360 degree look around. You'll probably spot them somewhere.

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