As of yesterday (Oct. 1) there are NEW rules in place when it comes to marijuana edibles in Colorado. So, what's legal and illegal?

This article from the website, breaks the news that animal and fruit shapes are now banned in Colorado when it comes to recreational marijuana.

So, no more marijuana 'Gummi Bears and pot-laced chocolate bunnies.' Not sure who is in charge of making and/or changing these rules. Is there a Colorado Department of Pot? But anyway, some of the reasoning is that although recreational marijuana is supposed to be partially 'fun', these now banned shapes could be influential in enticing children to begin to use.

I guess it's the 'Flintstone vitamin' theory in reverse. Let's put vitamins in the fun, cartoon characters. Kids will gobble them up. And we did! Not sure if that would work in the same way for recreational marijuana, but there is perk to this right now. You'll probably be able to find some super duper deals on some these products before they have to be removed from shelves.

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