Allan George, the man who was shot and died on Monday died from two bullet wounds to his chest.

The Garfield County Coroner released this statement:

“As most coroner and medical examiner offices in the U.S., the Garfield County Coroner’s Office follows the National Association of Medical Examiners Guide for Manner of Death Classification, which provide five basic categories of

‘manner’ of death,” Glassmire explained in a press release issued late Wednesday evening.

“None of these categories, including ‘homicide,’ necessarily means a crime was or was not committed,” he said of the investigation procedure. “A determination regarding whether the death of a person was the result of a crime is determined by the criminal justice system.”

Police had stopped George on the State Highway 13 bridge and were attempting to arrest him on an outstanding warrant and noticed he had a gun. The officers, according to the report, acted according to protocol.

No officers were hurt during the arrest.

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