A man was apprehended on the grounds of the White House after he jumped the North Lawn fence... while wearing a Pikachu hat and other Pokemon-themed gear.

Thanks to Kotaku, we have learned about a bizarre incident that happened right on the White House lawn the other day. Some tweets from Charlie Gile, a Desk Assistant at NBC News in Washington, D.C., as well as 'NBC Nightly News' producer Dan Linden and 'Weekend Today' producer Morgan Parmet, provide a bit of a play-by-play, complete with pictures.

As you can see, the Secret Service Agents made sure to neutralize the man and take him away. It's been reported that he was also carrying a Pokemon stuffed animal, but there have no reports that he was carrying any weapons or anything that could be deemed an actual threat. Surprisingly, highly-trained Secret Service agents are super effective against idiots wearing a Pikachu hat. He had better chances taking on the Elite Four with a single Magikarp.

He may not have had any dangerous intentions, but that's more than we can say for the 5 Most Sinister Pokemon

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