Even if I had hundreds of millions of dollars it would be hard to jump on a plane and fly states away just to make a sports wager, but that is exactly what one Texas man did, and it paid off big time. We're talking about winning $6.2 million dollars on the Super Bowl this past weekend.

You might have heard of him before as Jim McIngvale always loves to make big sports wagers like this, commonly known as "mattress mack" because he owns several furniture stores in the Houston, Texas area. According to KDVR, Mattress Mack has taken some big losses along the way too. He lost $13 million dollars back in 2019 when his hometown Houston Astros lost in the World Series.

But you have to bet big to win big, and that is exactly what Mattress Mack did this weekend when he places $3.46 million dollars on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to upset the Kansas City Chiefs. He also took the points, so the Buccaneers could have lost by up to 3 points with him still winning his bet, but he didn't need those points as the Bucs easily took home the title on Sunday night.

McIngvale was only in Colorado for a short period of time to place his bet. He flew into Colorado Springs, placed the bet on his phone, and took his plane back to Texas. He was in the state of Colorado for less than one hour.

He also let customers who bought furniture from his stores to jump on the bet with him, now nearly 1,000 customers will all be receiving their furniture for free.

Mattress Mack accounted for about 10% of all sports betting that took place in Colorado on Sunday's Super Bowl matchup. He says his next big wager will probably be on the NBA finals.

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