I love Grand Junction's Spring Cleanup Program. I dislike it at the same time. The program itself is brilliant. The way in which we, the public, execute our end of the deal needs a little work.

As a homeowner and a slumlord (I own rental properties) the city's Spring Cleanup Program can be a lifesaver. After rounding up a years worth of fallen limbs, miscellaneous junk, and various odds and ends, it really helps to have a program such as this. If I had to haul all of it to the landfill myself, it would cost a fortune and require a truck much bigger than mine.

What I don't get is the casual attitude many residents have. Items thrown all over the sidewalk or even out into the road. Trash needing to be put into some kind of receptacle, items such as loose paper, are often left out only to be blown around once a decent wind comes up.

Look at the photo at top. Whoever placed that there probably didn't stop to think that kids walk down this sidewalk every morning on their way to school. I guess the kids are supposed to walk out in the street. Look at how much junk made its way into the yard.

How about those items which could easily be refurbished or recycled? I found this old beat-up school desk in a pile of trash just a few blocks from my house. The materials could have easily been recycled. Then again, the entire desk could easily be refurbished.

Grand Junction Spring Cleanup 2
Waylon Jordan

My dad and I spent a few hours sanding, cutting and shaping wood, and painting, and turned this old worn-out desk into a "new" piece of furniture. I gave it to a friend of mine and his five-year-old daughter. It seems to me this desk would come in far more useful as a desk for a little girl as opposed to yet another item in the landfill. To be honest, the project was kind of fun.

Grand Junction Spring Clean Up 3
Waylon Jordan

I get a little bent out of shape with what I call the "all you can eat buffet society." We acquire things right and left, use them for a little while, and then promptly let them go to waste.

I say again, I love the Spring Cleanup Program, and find it a valuable resource. I do wish, however, we, the public, took another look at how we carry out our end of the deal.

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