Wonder what Luke Bryan and fam are up to over Christmas break?

Well, if you guessed that they're taking turns on a zipline high above some idyllic beach setting, you're correct. The country singer's mom — the always entertaining LeClaire — shared footage on Tuesday (Dec. 29) of herself and the family zipping across the clear blue sky without a care in the world.

The clips include Luke's wife, Caroline, getting LeClaire and company all stoked up for the scenic ziplining adventure. In adjoining photos, it's clear that much of the Bryan crew is on-hand for the vacation: In addition to LeClaire and Caroline, there's Luke and Caroline's two boys, Bo and Tate, plus Luke's nieces Jordan and Kris, and nephew Til. (Luke himself doesn't make an appearance, but he must be there, right?)

"Not sure where I am, but I ain't coming home," LeClaire adds to her post of photos and videos from the vacay. "Just me and the family alone for 5 days."

Talk about a heck of a way to end 2020 and spend the days between Christmas and New Year's. The Bryans don't shy away from fun vacations. Plus, this time of year falls around Caroline's Dec. 31 birthday. When she turned 40 last year, she and Luke spent time swimming and yachting on a heavy-duty birthday celebration.

It must be a reprieve from the family's "12 Days of Pranksmas" tradition that the Bryans instigate each year. Caroline's usually the ringleader of the jokes, but this year she got her comeuppance, as well.

Other Luke Bryan Pranksmas 2020 japes included a crank call from Todd Chrisley, an exotic-dancing pilot on a private plane, a spoiled deer hunt for Bo and a rude awakening for LeClaire.

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