Luke Bryan's annual "12 Days of Pranksmas" is off and running, and his wife, Caroline, has taken the reins for the latest practical joke among the country singer and his family. On Day 3 of Pranksmas 2020, Caroline ruined a deer hunting excursion with 12-year-old Bo, her and Luke's eldest son.

The stunt was predicated on the fib that hunting outfitter Buck Commander wanted to see some footage of Bo's hunt. Instead, however, Caroline shared the footage of the ruse on Instagram.

At the beginning of the clip, mom and son — accompanied by an off-camera Luke — prepare for the hunt before taking to the deer stand. Bo applies some camo face paint to his mother as they get ready.

"We're going after a big 7-point; I'm gonna put on the face paint for her," the young hunter says before addressing his mother. "Don't be loud in the stand, please," he requests.

In the background, Luke's heard assuring his son, "Your mama's quiet."

Of course, once they're in the stand, Caroline is anything but quiet. She variously sips noisily on an iced drink, opens a bag of potato chips, pops in some headphones and, at one point, even begins humming a tune — all to throw off her none-the-wiser son, who becomes progressively agitated.

"You're acting like you're not a country girl," Bo complains to his mom before shushing her and groaning about the loudness.

The icing on the cake — and what should've given the boy a clue — is when Caroline starts singing the O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle at a volume that would scare off any buck.

"I told Bo @officialbuckcommander wanted some hunting footage of him," Carolines writes in the caption accompanying Tuesday's (Dec. 15) video. "Poor guy … I completely ruined his day! He's still mad at me!"

If that's not enough of a Luke Bryan prank for you, there are still nine days of Pranksmas 2020 left to go. Day 1 saw the singer convincing his wife that she'd ruined a Tim Tebow Heisman. Day 2 had Caroline giving Luke's mom, LeClaire, a rude awaking from bed with a recording of a rooster.

It's all part of the continuing prank wars in the Bryan household.

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