Downtown Fort Collins has changed a lot over the years, but especially the last decade, as older buildings are razed to make way for housing as the population rapidly grows. (And yeah, the locals will always have something to say about that.) But the number of people isn't the only thing skyrocketing — so is Fort Collins' cost of housing.

If you've been around a while, you'll remember the Mountain View Tire and Service Center on the corner of Mountain Avenue and Mathews Street. By 2016, it had closed up shop to make way for a new condo development with businesses on the ground floor. After years of construction, the units at The Front Row are now on the market starting in the $400,000s and reaching (wait for it...) more than $1 million dollars.

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Unit #321 at 221 E. Mountain Avenue is currently listed  for $1.2 million by Kim Laplante, Group Harmony and Andrea Tuell, Group Mulberry. The two-bedroom three-bathroom condo spans over 2,400 square feet, and includes a private balcony, gourmet kitchen, 'rooftop sky lounge, underground parking and pet park.'

Take a peek for yourself, below.

Just across the street, the old Armadillo restaurant was demolished and replaced by the Elizabeth Hotel, and similarly, the neighborhood on West Plum Street was leveled to make way for a student housing apartment complex. Not to mention Perkins — RIP Downtown Perkins.

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