Have we been hoodwinked? Word on the street was this long-time Grand Junction restaurateur had retired. What was she doing working this last weekend at Grand Junction's newest restaurant?

Do you recall Lois' Place closing down last November 30? At that time, we told you Lois had retired and the staff would be migrating to a new venue, the Sunrise Restaurant. This new restaurant occupies the space where Los Reyes operated for years.

Sunrise Restaurant opened a little over a week ago. I went in last Saturday to try it out. Who did I see working behind the register? It was none other than Lois.

Was Lois' retirement another hoax, kind of like the KISS farewell tour, or the perpetual Fleetwood Mac farewell tour?

This has been on my mind since last Saturday. Obviously, I need bigger problems. Nevertheless, I stopped by Sunrise Restaurant today to get the scoop.

Pam, a 20-plus-year veteran on Lois' Place, is part of the new crew. I asked Pam what was up with Lois' working the register. According to Pam, Lois is very much retired. She was only there on Saturday to train the new crew how to operate the cash register.

Okay, false alarm. It appears Lois' retirement is not a hoax, after all. Needless to say, what Lois does with her time is none of my business. I simply felt that after 30 years of running her own restaurant it was time to enjoy a little downtime. It was fun seeing her at the new establishment. My guess is she will be dropping in frequently.

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