The acoustic video for Logan Brill's new song "Walk of Shame" offers a soulful take on a song with an important message, premiering exclusively with Taste of Country.

Brill takes viewers inside the studio as she lays down a strong vocal with the simple setup of a guitarist, microphone and her stirring voice. The video captures the vulnerability of walking away from a one night stand with an old flame, the camera spinning around her as she poignantly sings "High heels clicking on the sidewalk pavement / Sunday morning sure enough it's raining / Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you / All alone on this walk of shame on you."

Brill co-wrote the song with Nathan Chapman and Chad Carlson, drawing from personal experience to create the emotional, yet empowering story centered around owning one's sexuality.

"As a woman, I think being able to sing about things that sometimes people don't want to talk about and being able to be vulnerable about those things can be really empowering," Brill says. "I thought the best way to make it feel empowering was to just be totally straightforward and honest with exactly how that situation would go."

"Walk of Shame" also allows Brill to contribute her voice to the ongoing conversation of the lack of women in country music, taking note of how women aren't receiving a fair shot at radio. The subject matter of a woman standing confident with her sexuality isn't widely covered in the genre, and the singer is stepping up to deliver this message.

"It's an important time for women to come forward and say something meaningful and talk about really important topics and not just sing another fun song," Brill shares. "That's what I really wanted to come forward and do." 

She also hopes fans find comfort in her words, gaining the strength to feel self-confident in their own decision making.

"I hope that people feel seen in this song," Brill says. "I hope they feel empowered hearing somebody who's choosing to own those decisions and talk about them openly and encourages them to do the same."

Brill made her country music debut in 2013 with Walking Wires, followed by her sophomore album in 2015, Shuteye. She's currently writing and recording new music with plans for an upcoming album.

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