Country artists had lots to say this week, with new singles that touch on everything from the bubbly early stages of a relationship to the pain of letting go, and everything in between. Listen to them all below! 

Lindsay Ell, "Champagne":

Lindsay Ell’s newest single from her third studio album, The Project, is “Champagne,” a song about how great a good relationship can make you feel. “You make me feel like Jessica Biel / Steppin' out of the stretch / Diamonds huggin' my neck for the paparazzi / Got me like I'm droppin' the mic / So natural, a diva, just call me Aretha, for real,” Ell sings in the infectious chorus. “You make me feel like I'm the champagne ...” “Champagne” was written by Ell with help from Walker Hayes and Fred Wilhelm. The song will hit radio on Sept. 17.

Halfway to Hazard, "Heaven on Down the Highway":

Eight years after their latest album, Halfway to Hazard have released a new record, REDemptiOn, and, with it, a new single. In “Heaven on Down the Highway,” David Tolliver and Chad Warrix sing about deciding to leave what they know behind to find something better down the road. The optimistic and fast-paced song banks on the idea that there is always something better out there, and the open road is the fastest way to find it.

Dillon Carmichael, "Dancing Away With My Heart":

Dillon Carmichael’s “Dancing Away With My Heart” is a slow yet powerful song about having someone capture your heart and envelop you in their love. Despite the song’s overwhelming warm and fuzzy feeling, Carmichael explains, the song wasn’t always meant to be a celebration: "I originally wrote it as a breakup song,” he admits, “and when [producer] Dave Cobb and I were picking out songs for the record, Dave heard “Dancing Away With My Heart” and thought that the melody of the song felt more like a love song. After Dave and I agreed that it would be a better love song, I went into the corner of the studio and starting rewriting the lyrics for hours. It took a couple of days, but it was meant to be a love song. And I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out." “Dancing Away With My Heart” was written by Carmichael, Larry McCoy and Neal Coty.

Logan Brill, "Giving Up":

Logan Brill’s “Giving Up” is intimate look into the singer’s life as she opens up about trying to maintain a healthy relationship while out on tour. In the deeply personal song, Brill passionately sings about realizing it’s time to call it quits and move on: “I’m giving in, getting in my car / George Strait singing, ‘Baby, run,’ on the radio / I could find it blindfolded in the dark / Pulling in your drive still feels like coming home / Open the screen door / Knock on your front door / Just to tell you / That I’m giving up on giving up / I’m giving up on giving up / I’m giving up on, giving up on you.” Posting to Twitter, Brill explains, “I’ve lived a lot of life the past few years. I’ve held on tight to some things, and had to let some things go. When I wrote that feeling down, it turned into a song.” "Giving Up" was penned by Brill, Jacob Powell and Randy Montana.

Levi Hummon, "Change My Life":

Levi Hummon’s latest single is a happy, fast-paced and carefree song all about finding love and picturing a new a life with someone special. “”Change My Life” was one of those songs that wrote itself,” says Hummon in a press release. “It’s the story of how a simple act in love can lead to your whole life changing forever. A first date, a first kiss, just driving around with nowhere to go can be the start of something that lasts forever. I wanted it to feel fun and lighthearted and have that feeling of innocence.” “Change My Life” was penned by Hummon, Phil Barton and Lindsay Rimes.

Heather Morgan, "Hurricane":

After a successful career writing songs for some of country music’s biggest names, Heather Morgan is ready to share her voice with the world and make a name for herself as not just a songwriter but an artist. Ahead of her first album’s release in October, Morgan has shared "Your Hurricane" as her debut single. It’s a somber love song through and through, with Morgan singing about how she found it impossible to move on and felt trapped in what felt like something as strong as a hurricane.

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