Government workers aren't the only ones who stand to suffer from the current political stalemate.

Federally funded programs like WIC and SNAP in Mesa County that help provide low-income families with food could soon be feeling the pinch.

The programs are currently using reserve dollars from last year, but funding for February is in question.

The employees that administer these programs are still working. However, if the government shutdown continues, they will have to reassess the situation in regards to the funding of these much-needed programs.

No doubt, there are others in the Grand Valley that are being affected adversely by the government shutdown. These are just a couple of examples of how what is happening at the national level is affecting individuals locally.

Hopefully, the shutdown ends soon, and the people who depend on this assistance will not have to go without the help they need. I'm sure this is not the start of the new year they were hoping for.

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