Most every parent tells a little white lie to a child so they either will stop bugging them about something or so they don't do something that could be harmful.

We tell little white lies we tell our kids, for instance, the ice cream truck is a musical truck. If you eat the seeds of an apple, you will grow a tree. I don't know if my parents were just sick, but my Dad told me if I got to close to our cat it would scratch my eyes out. One time because I sat too close to the T.V he said I would go blind or get radiation poisoning.

There are so many little white lies we have told our kids so they would stop harassing us. Like when it's time to go home from Mcdonald's playhouse, we say they are closing now.

When I was growing up we would go to our local gas station to gas up, and they would always have coffee, I loved coffee with lots of cream and sugar, and I must have been five, but I still had a cup. The owners would tell me that it would stunt my growth. Here are some little white lies that you came up with.

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