The mysterious aparition which has haunted Little Park Road for nearly a year has been exorcised! The elusive 'Phantom Chair' has been banished from our realm, and sent back to the ethereal dining room set from which it came!

At long last, the conclusion in the saga of Little Park Road's 'Phantom Chair' has been reached. For close to a year, the ghostly piece of furniture has appeared and disappeared, haunting the same location on Little Park Road.

As of our last report, evidence suggested the "Phantom Chair" had been summoned via some sort of ritual. Perhaps it is now known why the chair was being enticed to visit our realm.

As of last Sunday, October 26th, evidence was found suggesting the "Phantom Chair" was once again summoned to appear, only to be met by a formidable foe.

Waylon Jordan

Photo evidence suggests the furniture spirit obtained physical form on our plane, and was then destroyed, sending it back to whatever Hell it sprang from.

Waylon Jordan

Is this the end of the "Phantom Chair?" Evidence would suggest it is. While this may signify the end of the "Phantom Chair," it still leaves one question unanswered... what became of the other three chairs and the matching table?