It's easy to say that celebrities are just like us, they wake up and take a shower like us, and have to go to work. But the difference is most of the people we consider to be celebrities either have lots of money or fame or both. So, when I asked online what celebrities have you met and were they cool (even if I had a spelling error when I asked the question), I was really excited to see the results.

We got lots of answers back from people and here is the list of celebrities and if they were cool when meeting fans.

  • Bill Murray - Teresa says he was amazing, funny, down to earth, and a great guy
  • Jim Belushi - He was friendly
  • Craig T Nelson - Not cool, allegedly groped a woman in front of a crowd of 25 people
  • Billy Currington - Very polite
  • LoCash - Really nice guys
  • Kurt Russell - Barbara says he was just like the rest of us, not snooty or anything
  • Easter Bunny - Mitch was lucky enough to meet him at the Mesa Mall... :)
  • Joe Nichols - Really cool and laid back
  • Chris Ledoux - Leon says he is friendly, and very down to earth
  • Peyton Manning - Not cool
  • Eli Manning - Cool
  • Philip Rivers - Cool
  • Shawn Michaels (WWE) - Cool
  • Undertaker (WWE) - Cool
  • Travis Tritt - Cool
  • Cowboy Troy - Cool
  • Charlie Daniel's Band - Cool
  • Darrell Worley - Great guy
  • Granger Smith - Great guy
  • Shawn White (X-Games) - Mouthy, Rude, Arrogant
  • Tom Selleck - Very cool
  • Candace Cameron Bure - Nice, but not overly friendly
  • Kirk Cameron - Way cool guy

I've been fortunate enough to meet lots of musicians and almost all of them have been very friendly and nice, although the best of all time to me has to be Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. We spent 20 minutes just talking like old friends.

When looking at this list remember we all have bad days, and if a celebrity was not very nice know what we all make mistakes sometimes.

Do you have any celebrities to add to this list and were they nice to you when you met them?

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